Mission & Vision

Odisha Forum New Delhi functions as a think tank and helps in bringing together prominent persons to meet periodically and deliberate on issues related to Odisha. The Forum focuses on advocacy for Odisha and brings the Prabasi Odias together with an interest in the enrichment of Odisha’s art, culture, literature and science thereby enhancing the image of Odisha. The annual conventions and regional celebrations will continue to play major roles in this endeavor along with the electronic preservation & dissemination of information and efforts to gain media attention for Odia people’s causes.

Vision: The vision of Odisha Forum is to promote and propagate Odia culture by bringing together all the people interested in Odisha.

The mission goals of Odisha Forum are:
  • To provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Odia community through socio-cultural growth, friendship and fellowship.
  • To enhance the awareness of Odisha and Odia traditions through cultural promotion, social events, and developmental activities
  • To facilitate the exchange of information & policy advocacy for the growth of Odia community