About Us

    ODISHA Forum is an Association of Odia residents in Delhi. The ODISHA Forum is a Registered Society establishes in 1998, under the guidance of Shri Jatin Das and other prominent Odias settled in Delhi. MoreĽ


  • Activities

    The ODISHA Forum since inception has initiated prominent persons to come together periodically and deliberate on socio-economic issues of our state ODISHA.  With a membership of over 175 eminent Odias from all walks of life, the Forum operates mostly as a ‘think tank’ but has taken up initiatives in the socio-economic sector. MoreĽ


  • Prabasi Odia Conclave 2022



    • Get Ready Spiritually

      Sh. Amogh Lila Das, a Spiritual Activist & Motivational speaker will also grace the conclave MoreĽ

    • Draupadi: The indomitable spirit [ Dec 23, 2022]

      Explores the status of women in the modern Indian context against the backdrop of the life of Draupadi, the Panchali princess and her trails and tribulations.  MoreĽ

    • Odia Paika / Paika Vidroh [Dec 24, 2022]

      The dance drama that speaks about the heroic saga of the historic Paika Rebillion against the British rule MoreĽ




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